★ Open the dragon gate

★ Two dragons fly out of the sea 

★ Noble and luxury

★ For exclusive enjoyment

★ 【Independent R&D】Ignite fire by biometric recognition

★ 【Original Design】Chinese dragon style

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Product Details

◆ Full metal shell. Built in lithium battery.

◆ Capacitive semi-conducting fingerprint sensor.

◆ Recognition of biotic electricity of living body.

◆ 8000v high-voltage arc.

◆ Charging through USB. Ultra-long standby.

◆ 10 fongerprints can be stored. Support the record of authorized fingerprint.

◆ Temperproof. Pressureproof. Waterproof. Dustproof.


◆ Fingerprint sensor:Capacitive

◆ Recognition Time:<1s

◆ Fingerprint Capacity:20pcs

◆ Battery Capacity:500mAh

◆ Input:DC5V 1A

◆ Output:<7W

◆ Charging Time:<1hour

◆ Ignition:Arc

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