QS808 Algorithm Chip

Name:QS808 Algorithm Chip

Parameter Application

ARM Cortex ? -M3 32-bit processor core

108MHz efficient access mechanism

Up to 1MB of on-chip Flash, 96KB of SRAM storage space

Rich enhanced I / O ports, 10 multi-purpose timer

Peripheral two APB bus, two 12bit analog-to-digital converter

2 basic clocks and 2 high-level control pulses

3 SPI, 2 I2C, 3 USART, 2 IIS bus

1 CAN and one 2.0USB

For a wide range of applications, especially in industrial control, entrance guard, handheld devices, financial payments, information security system integration, fingerprint locks and other fields.

QS809 Algorithm Chip

Name:QS809 Algorithm Chip

Parameter Application

RISC 32-bit ARM Cortex ? -M4 core

Supports frequencies up to 100MHz (1.25DMIPS / MHz)

USB2.0 OTG controller

1.8V to 3.6V wide range of operating voltage

Sleep power consumption as low as 500nA

Normal operating level Average power consumption 50mA

-40 ℃ to +85 ℃ normal operating temperature range

For a wide range of applications, especially in the consumer electronics (consumer tablets, fingerprint u disks, fingerprint padlocks, fingerprint lighters, smart phones) and other fields.

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