【Fingerprint Encryption USB Flash Drive】

Q:The U disk didn't respond when insert it into the computer。

A:Everytime using it, you need to press the fingerprint to open the U disk first, if don't, the U disk won't be found by the computer.

【Smart Door Lock】

Pre-installation Instruction:

1、This product has certain requirements on the use of the environment, please use within the specified technical scope. Long time overload or ultra-standard use will reduce the life of the lock. Please keep your fingers clean when touching it, try to avoid it from the sunlight exposure for a long time.

2、2.Fingerprint sensor surface will be dirty after a long time use, which could affects the normal use, it can be wiped by soft cotton to clean. Fingerprint sensor and display screen are fragile, don’t knock or use hard objects to touch it.

3、3.If the voltage is insufficient, the door lock will give a warning, and it will show on the display screen, please replace the batteries, DO NOT mix old and new batteries. If don’t replace the batteries in time, the system will stop running.

4、Door lock handle is a necessary auxiliary tool, please do not hang heavy objects on the handle, so as not to affect the normal use.

5、Please choose a professional worker to install the door lock, and follow the installation standards provided by us, please do not disassemble the lock privately. Please protect the seal marks for your door warranty.

6、6.After the installation, please register administrator fingerprints as soon as possible and keep your mechanical keys safe, you can use mechanical keys to open the door when fingerprint cards, passwords and other ways can not.

7、Confirm the door direction before installation,this smart lock can be used for four different open directions of outside right direction, inside right direction, outside left direction and direction left direction.


Please use a soft cloth to clean the lock;

When the lock surface attached to the liquid, metal debris, and other foreign matter, erase as soon as possible.

Do not use sharp objects to click on or touch the lock surface or operating surface to avoid surface damage.

Do not touch paint, formaldehyde, paint and other corrosive materials to avoid the appearance damage .

Do not wipe the lock with alcohol, thinner or benzene solution.When the lock surface with oil, dirty spots and other the foreign matters , you should use a soft tissue or cloth with water or Neutral cleaning agent to clean to avoid the scratch by nails or blades.

Warranty Description:

1、“Three Guarantees” (for repair, replacement and compensation of faulty products) Service Outline

Thank you for choosing Pine World electronic locks, we will provide you with a comprehensive three guarantees based on the national "Product Quality Law".If the following regulations are inconsistent with or omitted from the national policy, please follow the national policy!

1. Since the date of sale within 7 days, door locks appear functional quality problems, consumers can choose to return, replacement or maintenance;

2. Since the date of sale within 15 days, door locks appear functional quality problems, consumers can choose to replacement or maintenance;

3. When purchasing, please complete, correctly, truthfully fill in your information, and ask for a purchase certificate;

4. The purchase certificate should indicate the product name, product model, sales date, seller seal, amount and other information;

5. Effective warranty card and purchase certificate is the basic guarantee to achieve your "Three Guarantees".

6.We don’t bear the "Three Guarantees" responsibility for product configuration.

2. Warranty instructions and rules

1.Your warranty service is valid for normal use only. Artificially damaged and one of the following circumstances, don’t belong to “Three Guarantees” service, but can be charged for repairing;

a) Beyond “Three Guarantees” deadline;

b) Artificially damage,including the use of non-normal environment, the damage caused by do not follow the instructions, etc;

c) Self-installation, does not meet the requirements of the installation instructions;

d) Self-disassemble, self-repair, self-modification and maintenance by not our designated company;

e) Damage caused by irresistible conditions (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, etc.)

f) No product warranty card and valid purchase certificate, or product model specifications do not match or be altered;

g) Appearance damage;

h) Fault or defect doesn’t cause by our company;


a) Appearance damage (wear, bumps, scratches, etc.) will not enjoy the return service;

b) Seller verbal commitment which beyond the warranty, will not enjoy “Three Guarantees” services;

3、Water inflow, artificially damage or bad installation by not our designated company, the user should first sign "product maintenance records".

4. All parts that have been replaced during the warranty period are owned by the Company.

三、For after-sales service, please contact the seller directly

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