Company Profile

Shenzhen Fingerchip Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., is a R&D high-tech enterprises which focus on multi-modal biometric technology for 19 years and has a complete system of proprietary intellectual property rights, it's also the earliest intelligent enterprise to achieve large scale and industrialization, with more than 100 core independent patents, software copyrights and scientific and technological achievements identification,Products pass the CMA, CNAS inspections by Chinese Ministry of Public Security and authoritative departments, and get CE, FCC, RoHS certifications.

We got many awards like China's TOP Ten Investment Value Enterprise,China's TOP Ten Famous Brands,Independent Innovative Products,Outstanding IT Products, China Software Expo Silver Award, China's Automatic Identification Technology Industry top ten product awards and so on.We are the Chinese security products quality trusted enterprise, double software enterprise, high-tech enterprise, ISO9001 quality management system certificated enterprise, ISO27001 information security management system certificated enterprise, ISO20000 information technology services management system certificated enterprise.

Our biometrics recognition technology and products comprehensive strength has reached the domestic and international advanced level, the market share of biometric recognition algorithm is ranking first in the China,the products are exported to domestic and overseas markets, our brand includes integrated fingerprint recognition module "Blue Bird”、Smart home brand "Pineworld”、consumer electronics brand "Gimbo”。

Development History
  • 1999-2004

    ▲Based on QSFINGER2.0 fingerprint core algorithm technology, researched and developed many verification products
    ▲Created the precedent of China's fingerprint technology civilian industry.

  • 2005-2006

    ▲Introduced a new generation of QSFINGER2.3 SDK adaptive and self-learning fingerprint recognition algorithm.
    ▲Started to do customization for meeting specific application fingerprint recognition needs.
    ▲Researched and producted fingerprint medicine management system and fingerprint terminals of QS series.

  • 2007-2008

    ▲Researched and developed "SGLFCA" space geometric local feature analysis face recognition algorithm,and applied "SGLFCA" face recognition technology to the civilian industry.

  • 2009-2013

    ▲Participated in the drafting of China 's second-generation ID Card algorithm standards
    ▲Researched the China's Missile Research Institute fingerprint firearms installation system.
    ▲Researched China's financial fingerprint system;
    ▲Researched China 's Beidou satellite military material fingerprinting positioning system.

  • 2014-2017

    ▲Introduced QS series algorithm chips based on IOT field.
    ▲Introduced small area QSFinger2.4 high speed fingerprint algorithm engine.
    ▲Achieved independent high-security fingerprint technology solutions, and introduced brands "Pineworld""Gimbo"at last.

Company Culture
  • Our Mission

    Build biological recognition system, be the giant in information security area

    ▲With the leading multi-modal biometric recognition technology, to improve the biometric recognition system, to recognize user's identity accurately and rapidly,to protect information security.

  • Our Vision

    Become the preferred security entrance of IoT

    ▲Follow "multi-modal biometrics recognition, independent core technology,IOT, people's livelihood application" as the core.
    ▲Reflect the value of China's intellectually manufacture value.
    ▲Lead the international intelligence to create advanced level.

  • Our Core Value

    Focus, Efficient, Style

    ▲Focus: To Inherit and carry forward the core of our company——focus, concentrate on their duties, diligent in the industry, focusing on technological innovation to create, product quality control and customer service system.
    ▲Efficient: Build a super executive team——efficient, improve the scale, reduce the costs, improve efficiency and create profits,continue to create greater value for customers and companies.
    ▲Style: Pursue brand features——style, never give up,never compromise, innovate break through and forge ahead,pursuit the advanced level of international intellectual manufacture,reflect the value of China's wisdom.

  • Overall Positioning

    Research and development high-tech enterprise

    ▲We are a high-tech enterprise focused on multi-modal biometrics recognition technology and has a complete system of independent intellectual property.

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